Sexy Massage: How To Make Your Massages More Sensual

Sexy Massage: How To Make Your Massages More Sensual

Giving your partner a sensual massage is a great way to heat things up in the bedroom. Here are Ohmymag's tips on how to give the sexiest massage ever. 

How To Make Your Massages More Sensual 

1. Get the atmosphere right: Not only can a sensual massage spice up your love life, but it can also help build confidence and intimacy between you and your partner. It's important to remember that preparation is key. The best way to start is by taking a shower - you'll both feel more comfortable knowing you're totally fresh. It is also important to create a sensual atmosphere - it needs to be relaxing and peaceful. Remember to put soft music on and opt for a dim light, preferably with candles. Take things even further with scented candles! If it's winter, make sure the room is warm enough so that your partner doesn't get cold.

2. Choose your oil: Massage oils are an absolute must. Whether it is a sensual massage or not, the use of special oils is always a great idea. To your classic massage oil, you can add essential oil of ginger or cinnamon for an aphrodisiac effect. You can also opt for edible oils that mean you can kiss your lover's body without risking poisoning! There are also heated massage oils, which provide a feeling of warmth when blown on. Guaranteed sensations ... Whichever oil you choose, it is absolutely essential to dose correctly. Because an overdose of essential oil in vegetable oil can cause many inconveniences, such as burns.

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3. Sexy massage techniques: Start by massaging the back, placing your hands flat on the shoulder blades of your partner. Make gentle circles with your fingertips. No need to press too forcefully. This massage is not intended to relieve back pain, but to relax and excite your partner. You can then take care of the arms, one after the other, without forgetting the hands. Then go back to rubbing the back gently. For the most comfortable couples, you can afford to massage the buttocks of your lover. Then go with your feeling, being attentive to the reactions of your partner. Emphasise areas that seem to give them the most thrills and have fun with your partner. 

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