Seven Mistakes We All Make When Doing Our Nails
Seven Mistakes We All Make When Doing Our Nails
Seven Mistakes We All Make When Doing Our Nails
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Seven mistakes we should absolutely stop making when doing our nails

By James Guttridge

Do you think you know manicures inside and out? Some mistakes are nevertheless still common, so here is our advice for perfect nails every time!

Cutting your cuticles

The skin at the base of the nail is very fragile and above all very permeable. By cutting it, you risk infection. Simply moisturise it with a drop of nourishing oil and gently push it back with the proper tool.

Not applying a base coat

We've all done it: in a hurry, we skip this step and go straight to applying the nail polish. Not only does this mean that the nail polish won't hold up as well, but it also means that your nails may turn yellow.

Filing your nails in a back and forth motion

By filing your nails from right to left, you encourage them to split. Always file them in the same direction to avoid damaging them.

Applying nail polish to oily nails

Before applying nail polish, make sure your hands are perfectly dry and your nails are free of oil, since your manicure might not last as long on oily nails. Moisturise on a day you won’t be applying nail polish.

Applying too many layers of nail polish

Some women go so far as to apply three coats of nail polish to obtain a perfectly opaque colour. With the base and top coat, that's five coats! Not only does this increase the drying time by a factor of three, but it can also lead to an uneven and messy result. On the contrary, wipe the brush well before applying and spread the polish evenly over the nail. Two coats of colour are enough for an optimal result.

Fluidifying your nail polish with nail polish remover

This is a trick we've all tried at least once: adding a little nail polish remover to give life to your dry and pasty nail polish. The result: the texture is more liquid, but the result is less shiny and, above all, less resistant. To prolong its life, opt instead for a real nail polish thinner.

Using a cotton swab to clean smudges

Not only are cotton swabs not environmentally friendly, but they can damage your manicure by leaving fibres behind. Instead, use a lip brush that you dip into nail polish remover to clean any smudges.

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