People are going wild for this £1.49 hemp hand cream from Aldi

Aldi are selling a 65ml tube of Hemp Hand Cream for just £1.49–and reviewers say it’s just as good as more expensive brands. The Hemp Hand Cream is designed to help soften and protect your hands, particularly in the winter weather and the results seem to be very impressive…

With all the extra hand-washing we’ve been doing this year, plus the fact that the cold winter weather has well and truly arrived, our hands are in need of a bit of extra TLC. Whilst posh hand creams can be a little on the pricy side, Aldi’s Lacura Hemp Hand Cream costs just £1.49 a tube and has been getting rave reviews.

Enriched with hemp seed oil, the cream is designed to nourish extremely dry hands and is perfect for the cold weather as it restores moisture and relieves chapped skin. It comes in a cute and colourful 65ml tube–making it ideal to pop in your handbag or coat pocket and would make a lovely stocking filler.

Is Lacura Hemp Hand Cream good?

Aldi’s Hemp Hand Cream has only five-star reviews on their website, with one happy customer saying:

This cream right here is a miracle for me. My hands have become super soft after using for two days—awesome! It's thick and creamy, a little goes a long way but surprisingly non greasy. I even bought an extra one for my husband. Stock up, the price is amazing and I have used more expensive brands without this fast results.

However, the scent seems to be a bit divisive–whilst one reviewer said it had a ‘lovely citrus scent,’ others weren’t so keen, with one describing the smell as ‘not particularly pleasant.’ We guess it must be a matter of personal taste–but at just £2.29 per 100ml (compared to The Body Shop’s £12 per 100ml hemp hand cream) we reckon it’s worth trying out.

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is made by cold-pressing hemp seeds. Although it comes from the cannabis family, hemp seed oil is not the same thing as CBD oil and doesn’t contain any THC. Hemp seed oil has protective and nourishing properties which make it a popular ingredient in skincare products and can help with conditions like eczema and psoriasis as well as regular dry skin.

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