New viral makeup trend "fox eye challenge" has viewers up in arms over racism claims

There's a new make-up trend on TikTok and Instagram: the #foxeyechallenge. But a lot of people aren't happy about this trend, especially members of the Asian community who are calling the images racist.

Not all trends are worth following. For instance, you might want to think twice before doing the #foxeyechallenge which is trending on TikTok and Instagram right now.

The goal of the challenge is to make your eyes pop by doing your makeup in a certain way. And, it's pretty easy to achieve: all you need is eye shadow, eyeliner, and false lashes.

Many Internet users have participated in the challenge and are posting their photos on social media, as have a number of celebrities, including Bella Hadid, Megan Fox, and Kendall Jenner.

But if you take a good look at these pics, you'll notice that every time, the young women in them are pulling at their eyes with their fingers to make their eyes more slanted.

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Needless to say, the #foxeyechallenge rubbed the Asian community the wrong way as they consider the trend to be racist.

Members of the organization Dear Asian Youth shared their thoughts, as did many East Asian social media users:

Individuals with this elongated eye shape can’t just change their appearance when this ‘trend’ is over. It is racially insensitive and I hope those posing like this will listen to East Asian communities as we speak out. Whether it is a fox eye pose, makeup style, or cosmetic procedure it is a problem. Those using this trend do not acknowledge the damaging effects on East Asian communities.’

TikToker Eelyse Ship, also spoke up:

I have been called names like ch*nky and been told to ‘open my eyes’, and the eye stretching pose has been used too often to mock my eyes. I think the makeup look can be gorgeous but it is literally the same girls who pulled their eyes back in a mocking manner and bullied me at school who are now doing this trend. It’s not right and it’s not theirs to have.

She added:

I understand the intentions are not bad but how can someone pose for a photo in a manner that can be used to bully a race?

You can check out photos of this new challenge in the video above.

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