How to protect your skin against blue light

Be it from the blue light effect of your laptop, tablet or phone, too few people are aware of the damaging effects of these rays on one's skin.

If the pandemic has now forced you to work from home on your laptop, or even if you've always found yourself working remotely as digital nomads often do, you should probably know that your eyes aren't the only one's suffering from blue light.

The damaging effects of blue light

Most people don't know this but high-energy visible light, also known as HEV light, can be as damaging to the skin as the harmful effects caused by UVA and UVB light combined. HEV light is found in the screens of technological devices that some studies have reported as being more damaging than the light emitted by the sun.

So what exactly are the negative effects on the skin? Well for starters you must know that high-energy visible light as well as infrared light (more commonly known as photo light) is very much so conducive to premature aging and skin damage.

So you might want to think twice before you find yourself in an endless blackhole of instagram scrolling at night before falling asleep. But luckily, there are certain products that can help minimize the damage –and even better yet– prevent it before it happens.

What are some products to invest in?

The first product we would recommend is to look into a sun screen that is also effective against blue light. Goop's oil-free formula is packed with red algae extract that has been shown to block the blue light effect. And as an added bonus, it also doubles as a makeup-gripping primer!

Volition's Screen Time Hydra Mist is specifically designed to block out the harmful rays emitted from all devices. With Marigold extract to help shield your complexion blue light it also minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Finally, we highly suggest you invest in a quality primer that will also protect you from your many devices' harsh lights. This one in particular, by Make, targets environmental stress and light-related skin damage while also providing anti-aging protection.

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