The dirtiest part of your body is not what you'd expect

Innies or outies, the belly button is a real bacteria trap. This area should be cleaned often but with bacteria both useful and harmful. How to do it?

In order to clean your navel properly, a few points are important, starting with the essentials: a daily shower is in order, during which the navel will have the opportunity to be cleaned, if you know how to do it properly. It is the micro-organisms accumulated throughout the day that need to be eliminated.

Why should the belly button be washed properly?

Why focus on the navel when washing yourself? It is an area of the body favoured by bacteria because of its retracted shape, or the folds of skin if it's the kind that sticks out. These folds are favourable for catching clothing fibres and sweat. It is also full of other unsuspected elements such as soap, lotion, or cream residues. Studies have shown that it can harbour up to 67 different categories of germs, including 1,400 types of bacteria! It thus requires more thorough cleaning than the rest of the body.

How to correctly clean your belly button?

There is a very simple technique for precise cleaning: a cotton swab. This small tool is perfect for reaching the furthest corners of the navel. You can soak the cotton swab in rubbing alcohol to carry out a first cleaning of the navel. Then, proceed with a second cleaning with another swab, this time covered with soap or shower gel. Don't forget to rinse and dry the navel properly, as moisture promotes the growth of bacteria.

You will then have a perfectly clean navel, which will no longer be harmful to your health!

This is the body part you should never wash in the shower, you could injure yourself This is the body part you should never wash in the shower, you could injure yourself