How To Choose The Right Hair Clippers

Looking to buy some hair clippers but clueless about which ones to choose? Ohmymag will give you some helpful tips for choosing the right hair clippers.

How To Choose The Right Hair Clippers
How To Choose The Right Hair Clippers

How To Choose The Right Clippers

Scissors no longer have the monopoly on haircuts. Since the 1990s, the clipper cut can also be used for straight, geometric, and structured cuts. Very short cuts and shaved head or shaved neck styles are more and more popular for modern and original looks.

Using clippers is pretty easy - for long hair, simply slide the comb into the hair and use the clipper to the desired length. For short hair, choose the setting that corresponds to the length you want and you can even finish by drawing on a design. To be certain to choose an effective set of clippers, focus on the quality and not the price. You can go to a professional hair salon and get personalized advice.

If you haven't had any luck at a professional store, you can try supermarkets or search the Internet. A wide range of prices will be proposed to you. However, several criteria must be respected if you want an efficient set of clippers. Its ergonomics, its precision, as well as its versatility, must be checked before you make your purchase. Ideally, opt for clippers offering between 7,000 and 10,000 vibrations (or turns) per minute, as this offers more precision when cutting. The ergonomics of your clippers will also be important for a good grip. The number of combs must also be taken into account, the ideal being to choose clippers with 3 combs adaptable for different lengths of cut. The weight of the clippers is also important: it shouldn't weigh more than 350 grams, maximum 400 grams, for easy use. You should also consider its battery life. It is considered that a 60 minutes battery life is a good average, as well as a recharge time between 1 to 6 hours. Finally, opt for stainless steel blades as they will last longer.

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