How To Choose And Apply Your Foundation

Dreaming of a flawless complexion every morning but you're not entirely show how to choose or apply your foundation? Don't worry, Ohmymag is here to help you choose the perfect foundation to make you look naturally radiant!

How To Choose And Apply Your Foundation
How To Choose And Apply Your Foundation

How To Choose And Apply Your Foundation

1. How to choose the right foundation: The main goal of using foundation is to give you a smooth and natural complexion. The biggest problem many of us have is going for a shade too dark or too light. So what's the best way to find the ideal shade? Never trust the colour of your hands (which are more exposed and therefore more tanned than the face) and instead look at your neck. After choosing the shade closest to that of your neck, go one shade up to find the right colour for your face.

2. How to apply your foundation: Do you use liquid, compact, or a stick? Each type of foundation has a different method of application. The first rule is to use a facial moisturiser or primer before you apply your foundation. The last thing you want is flaky dry skin therefore it is necessary. A brush is always the best tool to apply your foundation evenly and smoothly. Drop one to two drops of foundation on a brush and work from the inside to the outside of your face. For compacts, lightly tap the face in the same way with a sponge or brush. For a better hold, apply a loose powder that will fix your foundation for the whole day.

3. Tips For Choosing The Right Foundation: Depending on your needs, you will have to choose the ideal foundation texture for the best coverage:

-Liquid foundation: This classic foundation is perfect for a smooth complexion. There are two main kinds - moisturisers for a satin effect and mattifying for a velvety finish.

-Mousse foundation: With a light coverage, this foundation is suitable for young skin. It gives a discreet and natural look. Thanks to its pleasant texture, it blends perfectly with the skin.

-Powder or compact foundation: Much more than just a powder, these foundations give a velvety finish and hide imperfections well (redness, small spots, and etc.). They give the skin a peachy effect and are quick to apply - ideal for those in a hurry.

-Foundation stick: The most practical of foundations because it can be applied directly to the face. It's easy to apply accurately and is ideal for occasional touch-ups.

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