Here’s How to Avoid Chafed Thighs This Summer
Here’s How to Avoid Chafed Thighs This Summer
Here’s How to Avoid Chafed Thighs This Summer
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Here’s How to Avoid Chafed Thighs This Summer

By James Guttridge

With warm weather just around the corner, our thighs can tend to get a bit chafed. The combination of friction, heat, and sweat is usually not ideal when wearing short dresses...

Chafed thighs can be a bit of an inconvenience; so here are some tips on how to prevent this from happening!

Stay moisturised!

Remember to moisturiseafter your morning or evening shower. This is essential for your skin and will counteract your thighs rubbing together.

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Use deodorant

Deodorant can be used on your thighs as well! Apply deodorant to this area to limit perspiration.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has properties that help fight against bacteria. After a day where perspiration and dirt have accumulated, this oil will prevent any irritation.

Aloe Vera

Combine Aloe Vera with green tea, or with essential oils. Spray this mixture onto the irritated area to soothe any itching.

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Talcum powder absorbs moisture, which then prevents excess perspiration, ensuring that your skin stays soft.

Wear clothes that are light and long

Although you may be tempted to wear as little fabric as possible in the heat, try to wear shorts or dresses that are a little longer. This will help to prevent your thighs from rubbing together. On top of that, with light fabrics such as linen, you'll always be looking trendy!

Now that you know how to avoid this inconvenience, you'll be able to enjoy your summer to the fullest!

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