Have you been storing your beauty products wrong? These 5 items actually belong in the fridge

Moisturizing cream, nail polish, lipstick... Many cosmetics should be kept away from high temperatures. Read on to find out which ones.

Do you think your bathroom counter is the only place where your beauty products belong? Well, you're wrong. Contrary to popular belief, many cosmetics should actually be stored in your refrigerator. Here's why...

1) Moisturizers

Keeping your moisturizers in the fridge helps prevent the alteration of their formula. It'll also help cool your body or your face, thus activating your blood circulation. The same goes for eye creamsand gel pads which, after sitting in the fridge, will refresh your eyes in an instant.

2) Sprays

Whether it's a toner that hydrates or balances your skin, or even spays that set your makeup, you have to keep it in your fridge to maximize the benefits of using them.

3) Perfume

Although we usually display them in our bathrooms because their bottles are so beautiful, it's best to keep your perfumes in the refrigerator. A cool place, away from the light and heat will keep the fragrance stronger for much longer.

4) Nail polish

Anyone who collects nail polish has seen this happen before: over time, it becomes pasty. Altered by the air that gets inside the bottle with every brushstroke, the polish becomes thick and difficult to apply on the nail. The solution? Putting your nail polish in the fridge to protect it from the heat.

5) Lipstick

If your lipstick is near a heat source, its texture may well deteriorate. To avoid this, keep your lipstick in the door of your fridge.

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