Hairdresser Reveals the One Mistake We All Make When Washing Our Hair
Hairdresser Reveals the One Mistake We All Make When Washing Our Hair
Hairdresser Reveals the One Mistake We All Make When Washing Our Hair
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Hairdresser reveals the one mistake we all make when washing our hair

By Johanna Garner

One hairdresser has revealed that many of us are making a critical mistake when washing our hair.

Most of us think we are experts at washing hair, after all, we have been doing it for most of our lives. However, one hairdresser has revealed that we have all been making the same mistake.

The one shampoo mistake we all make

Hairdresser @Felicityynicole recently took to her Twitter account to give people one critical shampooing tip, and many have claimed that the advice has changed their hair routine for the better.

Felicity revealed that when washing your hair you should be shampooing twice rather than just once. She explained:

The first time will cleanse the hair of all the oils and product build up so that when you do it for the second time the shampoo can actually do what it’s intended to do.

The hairdresser continued to reveal that when it comes to double cleansing our hair,we should only do it a few times a week, and only apply shampoo to the scalp:

Also, only apply shampoo to the scalp and when you rinse it will run through the middle and the ends. Then only apply conditioner to the middle and ends of your hair, and use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle in the shower while conditioner is on. And lastly remember to only wash your hair 2-3 times a week because too much washing can cause more build up and damage to the hair.

Viewers responded to the advice stating that the tip completely changed up their haircare routine. One person commented:

My hair honestly feels better now! I can’t believe what a difference that made—or that I’m 26 and just finally learned the right way to wash my hair from a Tweet.

Another commenter revealed: ‘So I saw this yesterday and decided to try your 2x shampoo advice when I washed my hair tonight... Omg THANK YOU!’

How to double cleanse your hair

Double cleansing your hair is much like double cleansing your face. Steve Shiel, Director of Scientific at L’Oreal UK revealed:

The first cleanse works hard to remove these residues, which include dead skin cells, natural oils, and atmospheric pollutants, while the second completely eliminates them and boosts hair health.

However, double cleansing your hair involves much more than just washing your hair with the same stripping shampoo twice. Here are some tips on how to double cleanse your hair:

First cleanse

In order to get the most out of your double cleanse try using oil-based shampoo’s for your first cleanse such as those containing coconut or argan oil. While it may sound like you’re adding more dirt to your scalp, an oil cleanser can help to get rid of sebum buildup and more effectively lifts any heavy hair products used throughout the day.

Second cleanse

With a nice first cleanse out of the way, your second cleanse will be free to help remove any remaining residue and can better treat your hair. If you experience any dandruff or eczema on your scalp then this would be the time to use a specialised shampoo. If you don’t have any specific conditions to worry about then your second cleanse is a good opportunity to focus on your hair concerns. Those with thin hair could opt for a thickening shampoo. Meanwhile, those with more dry or damaged hair could go for a nourishing and restorative shampoo.

How often should you double cleanse your hair?

In theory, using a double cleansing technique means you should be washing your hair less often as it will be getting a truly deep cleanse every time. Washing your hair with this method once or twice a week is ideal, but those who use a lot of hair styling products on a regular basis may want to practise double cleansing their hair more often.

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