Could the cure to acne be to stop washing your face?

A young woman suffering from acne stopped washing her face. As a result, her skin is much healthier than before! But how is this possible?

It is often mistakenly thought that in order to have clean skin without spots, the skin needs to be cleaned with anti-bacterial gels, powerful anti-blemish creams, and treatments of all kinds.

However, problem skin often requires gentle, moisturising care to repair itself. Since imperfections are not necessarily synonymous with oily skin, there's no need to dry them out even more to make them disappear for good.

A change in beauty routine

As a result of suffering from acne, one tends to lose self-confidence and end up not knowing what to do next. One young woman decided to stop washing her face with tap water and anti-acne gels after trying a lot of different routines to get rid of her blemishes.

This was a decision that had serious consequences. Instead of using various products and tap water, she switched to micellar water for a deep cleansing of her skin morning and evening. This much softer water can still eliminate pollution and make-up residues, leaving the skin clean.

A dual benefit

The result? The face is rid of everything that can clog pores without being attacked. Her acne clearly diminished and in just six months, her skin is much more radiant! If you also suffer from acne, perhaps the solution lies in your beauty routine, which is far too aggressive for your skin type!

Another positive point is that she now uses fewer beauty products, saving some money when it comes to the Sephora bill!

Watch the video to see at what time during the day you should be washing your face.

This Woman Stopped Washing Her Face For Six Months And Cured Her Acne This Woman Stopped Washing Her Face For Six Months And Cured Her Acne