Cosmetic Surgery: Everything You Need To Know

Tempted by cosmetic surgery but still a little unsure? No worries, Ohmymag has everything you need to know to help you decide whether or not to take the plunge.

Cosmetic Surgery: Everything You Need To Know
Cosmetic Surgery: Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know About Cosmetic Surgery

1. Cost: Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, face lifts, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and the list goes on. Today, cosmetic surgery can deal with pretty much any body hang-up. But, of course, all this has a price and it's not a small one! Depending on the desired operation, surgery can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds. It is best to ask around different surgeons and obtain quotes from each. Remember to include pre and post operative visits that can drive up prices. Some will be attracted by the lower prices of overseas operations: but be sure to check the reputation of these low cost clinics before you start. You should also consider the follow-up appointments. For example, having the procedure done abroad can be expensive and challenging.

2. Pain: This is one of the most common questions before embarking on an operation: what about the pain after cosmetic surgery? Often invasive, plastic surgery subjects the body to a rather harsh treatment that must be relieved so that it is not unbearable. During surgery or postoperatively, cosmetic surgery teams are perfectly trained to manage the pain of their patients. With pain most often present within three days of surgery, recovery allows the health care team to manage patients' pain on a case-by-case basis because not all patients respond to pain in the same way. For example, hematoma or tightness. The postoperative repercussions can sometimes last up to three months after the operation and the results cannot be optimal until many months later.

3. Results: The best cosmetic surgery should give a natural-looking and almost invisible result. It can be frustrating to invest then not to have visible results but if the result is natural you will look and feel much better. To ensure a result as close to your desires, visit discussion forums about the clinic you are considering to get the most objective answers on the results obtained by other patients. Remember, however, that everyone will have different experiences, expectations, and results.

4. Side effects and risks: There are chances that the surgery doesn't go well. For example, botched operations, bad reactions to pain treatment, rejection of prostheses, dodgy surgeons and the list goes on. It ranges person to person. Even the simplest cosmetic surgery is an intervention that risks having a harmful effect on your body in the long-term. From anesthesia to intervention to postoperative treatment, this type of operation is not trivial: take the time to weigh your decision before you start and make sure you feel 100% confident with the team in charge of your operation.

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