Ashely Graham reveals makeup hacks that will save you a pretty penny

Everyone has some little shortcuts when it comes to makeup and Ashley Graham has shared her most clever makeup hacks that will also save you money.

Ashley Graham has come forward to reveal her cash savingbeauty hacks and admits there are two makeup products that she actually doesn't buy:lip liner and brow gel.

Instead, the model confessed to some makeup tips that will completely change your routine. Graham dished on her easy lip look on her IGTV stating:

First of all, I take a tiny bit of Aquaphor. I don't want my lips to be super moisturised, because I want them to stay. Then, I take an eyebrow pencil and shade out my lips... this is why people think I have lip injections.

That's right, all this time we have been spending money on lip liners that can cost anywhere from £2 to £30 when we could have just repurposed our brow pencils. Graham also revealed that she owed this trick to her makeup artist Katie Hughes:

Who would have ever thought to use this as a lip liner. I love that little trick, thanks Katie.

But that's not all, Graham also revealed that she doesn't use brow gel and while there are some who prefer to let their brows sit al natural, Graham claims that hair gel does just as good of a job.

This trick was revealed by Graham in a video with Vogue, where she admitted how she keeps her eyebrows so fluffy:

Now with the brows, I like to use just hair gel and a spoolie to keep them up, because it’s actually really strong. It’s all about the hair gel for the eyebrows.

Honestly, this hack makes total sense, if it's enough to hold the hair on your head it's definitely strong enough for your brows. Just be careful not to apply too much or you might end up with clumped eyebrows that's feel like concrete.

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