7 Simple Things You Should Do To Feel Sexier In 2020

We’ve all had those ‘good days’ and the ‘bad days'–the days where we feel attractive and the others where all we want to do is hide under our hoods or a ton of makeup. To make these ‘bad days' rarer, we’ve made a list of the 7 things you should do to feel sexier.

7 Simple Things You Should Do To Feel Sexier In 2020
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What woman hasn’t woken up in the morning and felt like they have no idea what’s going on? For unknown reasons, sometimes when we look in the mirror, we only see what is wrong with us and we want to do just one thing: to lay low. And there is nothing worse than suffering through one of these episodes. Instead, it’s better to fight it by doing whatever you can to feel sexy again. And here’s how.

Stop focusing on your (alleged) flaws

The flaws that we see are often invisible to other people. The attitude that we adopt towards these flaws however is visible to the people around us. You don’t like your teeth? Don’t laugh with your hand in front of your mouth. Are you bothered by your ears? Don’t constantly wear your hair down to cover them. In short, to feel sexy, you have to forget about the little things that bother you. It’s the best way to make others forget about them too.

Wear sexy underwear

Even if you’re the only one to see them, wear sexy underwear. This might sound strange, but when you throw out the white cotton panties for a more delicate pair, you’ll feel like a real femme fatale straight away.

Feel comfortable in your clothes

Over that cute underwear, there’s no need to act like a top model to feel beautiful. To feel sexier, you have to feel comfortable in your own clothes. There’s nothing less elegant than a woman that doesn’t stop pulling on her skirt, who finds it difficult walking in heels or who’s constantly adjusting the bust of her top.

Focus on what you like about yourself

Even though you may have a bad habit of finding your flaws, there is always a part of yourself that you like. And that’s what you need to focus on. Instead of spending all your time trying to hide your (alleged) flaws, spend time highlighting your strong points. For example, if you have lovely luscious lips, try some light eye makeup and accentuate your lips with lip gloss or a nice red lip stick.

Get a new bewitching smell

We tend to underestimate the importance of how we smell, but it is just as important as how we look. Sensual, delicate, exotic… a perfume can sometimes bewitch someone more than your cleavage or eyelashes.

Walk with confidence

Oscar de la Renta said, ‘Walk like you have three men walking behind you.’ It’s difficult to come up with better advice than that. Have confidence in yourself!


Finally, and this is essential: smile! Contrary to what models try to make us think when they pull their pouty faces, a good mood is the best way to shine.

Check out the video above for more tips for a sexy 2020!