10 Gorgeous Ways To Do Glitter Eyeliner

Whether worn daily or occasionally, eyeliner is an integral part of your beauty products. But if you want to change it up from the classic black, here are 10 ways to wear glitter eyeliner.

Looking for inspiration for your holiday parties? Whether at a party or during the day, glitter eyeliner can be adapted to all kinds of situations. No need to be ‘extra’ if you want to try this type of makeup. Glitter eyeliner can be done quite bright or more discreetly, with simple lightly iridescent lashes.

You can wear glitter all year long

We too often tend to think that glitter make-up is reserved only for the holidays. Forget about this assumption, and opt for different shades! Pale pink, green, mauve, silver... There is nothing better than changing it up with these original colours when it comes to your daily makeup. With a single stroke you can bring attention to the eyes and give them a bit of pep. You can also opt for more classic eyelashes, or apply it in the ‘cut crease’ (the hollow of the eyelid).

And if like us, you don't have much luck when it comes to applying eyeliner, we have some special hacks that will help you up your eyeliner game.

Don’t hesitate to give glitter eyeliner a try, you will definitely turn some heads!

Check out the video above to get some inspiration for how to sport glitter eyeliner.

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