Six Months After Her Rescue, This Bear Is Totally Unrecognisable

Six Months After Her Rescue, This Bear Is Totally Unrecognisable

Fifi is a white bear who had been locked up for 30 years in a tiny cage. Six months ago, she was found in a sorry state by a charity that rescued her and allowed her to live her life as bear like all the others.

Fifi was found in August 2015 in Pennsylvania by the association Peta. The bear was, at that time, skeletal. Her three comrades, Bruno, Pocahontas and Marsha were also rescued.

A life in a cage

Fifi spent most of her life in "a dilapidated roadside zoo". "She was forced to stand up and perform bizarre tricks to amuse the visitors," the association said. Ten years later, the zoo closed and "she and the other three bears were just left there, in their tiny cages". The bears had been unable to get out, that is until the day the owners issued an announcement saying they wanted to sell the cages "and the bears with them". The association then decided to help these poor bears. They were taken to the Wild Animal Sanctuary, a shelter for abused animals.

Life in freedom

When they arrived at the shelter, the bears suffered from various injuries caused by the cage bars. They were also traumatized.

'Fifi had arthritis in her back paws, she was seriously underweight, her fur was thin and damaged and her eyes were staring in the into space; we didn't know if she was going to recover.'

But fortunately, Fifi and her companions escaped. They now live in Colorado and can live their bear lives as they see fit. Fifi was able to hibernate for the first time in her life. Fifi is now an old bear, and she should be able to end her life in peace, in a place where she feels good.

• Sophie West
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