A Man Risked His Life To Save This Bear

This bear was under anaesthesia when he became trapped out at sea. He would have drowned if a brave man had not saved the 170 kg animal from certain death.

When a bear was seen wandering around near a residential area of ​​Florida, apparently in search of food, the FwC agency was immediately contacted. Working for the protection of wildlife in Florida, this public agency’s biologist immediately rushed to rescue him and administered a tranquilliser in order to approach him safely. Unfortunately, taking advantage of the fact that the drug had not yet had time to take effect, the bear escaped from the biologists and jumped into the sea.

Taking off, he began to sink deeper and deeper into the water. Adam Warwick, one of the FwC's biologists, knew he would drown if he did not intervene. He gathered his courage and followed the gigantic 170 kg animal for 6.5 feet to try and bring him back to the shore, which was not without difficulty…

Before Warwick took control of the situation, the bear gave him the fright of his life. ‘The bear looked at me as if he wanted to climb on top of me so as not to drown,’ the biologist told CBS News, who believed that they would both end up drowning. But Warwick placed one arm under the bear and used his other to grab him by the skin of his neck to keep his head above the water. Both are fortunately safe following this perilous adventure.

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