When She Sang ‘I Love You’ To Her Baby She Never Expected This Reaction...

When She Sang ‘I Love You’ To Her Baby She Never Expected This Reaction...

A video of a mother and her daughter quickly went viral and captured the hearts of lots of internet users. We’ll let you find out why!

It’s very often true that you can’t predict what children will say or do, especially the youngest ones. Sometimes, without necessarily realising, some people witness something that makes them completely fall apart. And that’s just what happened in the video above that has been flying around the internet recently!

While holding her baby in her arms, this young woman was singing ‘I love you’ when her daughter who was only 15 months old, reacted in a very surprising way.

‘I love you’

Ever since the birth of her daughter, this young mother had been singing love songs to her baby every day. A very tender mother-daughter bonding moment!

This time, when she started singing ‘I love you’, her little 15-month-old ‘bundle of joy’ reacted in the sweetest way possible.

Surprise! Her daughter very clearly said ‘I love you’ at the same time she did. It has to be said that it didn’t take long for this very unexpected reaction to break our hearts.

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We’ll let you check out the video above for this baby’s adorable reaction.

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