Zodiac: Why you're still single according to your zodiac sign

Are you single and struggling to find love? Here are some reasons why you are still single according to your zodiac sign.

Are you getting tired of mingling and looking to settle down? If you have been looking for that significant other but just haven't found them yet, worry not! They are just around the corner! In the meantime, why not look at the stars to understand why you may still be single today.

Of course, take these suggestions with a grain of salt. And don't forget that we're only trying to help!

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You are too impressive. You like to shine in society, you are very proud and sometimes a bit arrogant, which can put people off. This attitude can make you seem haughty or unapproachable.


Your icy side is playing tricks on you. You don't show enough love for others, and you have a sharp retort. It's chilling! So just be a little more flexible and open about your feelings.


You're not good at reassuring others. You have a tendency to talk out of turn, and it's hard for people to trust you. Your 'detached from everything' characteristic can also scare people away.

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You are too jealous. You throw one crisis after another over trifles. It's tiring, and it doesn't make you want to make a long-term commitment.


You are too demanding. You always expect more, and not everyone is prepared for this. Sometimes you have to revise your standards when they are not attainable...


You are overly clingy. You tend to smother your partner when they clearly need space. You have a side that 'needs reassuring all the time' and therefore, you ask for a lot...


You are not demonstrative enough. It's not easy to know if you really care about the other person or not. Open your heart more to hope for a minimum of return.


Your lack of involvement. You don't give enough of your time to your relationship. Your need for freedom is the cause of this. It can scare off those who would like to commit to you.

The Reason You're Single, According To Your Astrological Sign The Reason You're Single, According To Your Astrological Sign