Zodiac: This is the best suited career for your sign

While everyone should pursue a career in the field they are passionate about, your stars may be able to tell you which career path you should follow.

You don't need to take a test or visit a career professional if you're simply starting out in your career or looking to change careers. Your zodiac sign may indicate which professions are best suited to your lifestyle and personality.


Capricorns are determined and persistent and they will do whatever it takes to be successful. They are ambitious and need challenges, as such, a career that offers them the highest growth opportunity. Careers in management, administration, engineering and architecture would work the best for you.


Aquarius is the sign of jack of all trades. Curious Aquarians love to explore avant-garde ideas and are highly adventurous. Best careers for them will be in science, tech, graphic design, photography or music.


Pisces are old souls who are creative and passionate, so they will excel in traditional arts such as music, arts and photography. They are highly intuitive creatures and are old souls, so careers in healthcare, well-being and spirituality work for them too.

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Aries are strong, vibrant, competitive and enthusiastic beings. They are natural-born leaders and careers in competition and physicality is right up your alley. Other careers include being an entrepreneur, working in government and politics, television and recreation.


Taurus is a sign that enjoys stability. They work very hard, are grounded and are very practical. They'll thrive in an environment that encourages grit and perseverance. Being an educator, accountant, engineer, chef and lawyer will suit them the best.


Gemini love work that is intellectually stimulating. They need to be in a career that has a lot going on for them and is fast-paced. Careers in PR, publicity, teaching, communication and project management are best for them.

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Cancers are emotional and loving people. They make excellent executives and are very much like a multitasking mom. They will make natural childcare workers, nannies, social workers, HR employees, and healthcare workers.


Leos have a charming personality and are very intelligent and optimistic. They try to bring out the best in everybody. They can lead any company into success and high profits. They will make a great CEO, performer, tour guide, fashion designer, real estate agent and salesperson.


Virgos are a synonym for perfectionists. They are very detail-oriented professionals and would work great in the service and care industries. They will also make great fact-checkers, editors, detectives, technicians or translators.

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Libras are cordial and good at bringing people together, so you're an excellent mediator at work and at home. They will be great diplomats, assistants, salespeople, brokers or translators.


Scorpios can focus, concentrate, and shut out distractions like a laser beam. They are inquisitive and are fascinated by mystery. The best jobs for them would be being a detective, lawyer, surgeon, physicist and scientist.


Sagittarius are great at adapting to changes. Many occupations will suit them, as long as they aren't constrained by hierarchy or too many restrictions. Anything to do with travel, PR, editing and coaching will be significant for them.

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