Zodiac: These are the 5 most rebellious signs

We all know certain zodiac signs are more rebellious than others, but did you know that these 5 are the most rebellious?

Everyone has a rebellious side. However, for some, it can be more intense than others and this may be due to their zodiac sign. If you find someone in your life extremely rebellious, why not ask them their zodiac sign to see if they are one of the top 5.

1/ Aquarius

Aquarius are determined and stubborn. If they have a plan in mind they hate it when something thwarts that plan. If you are planning something with an Aquarius and they have a plan, don’t bother saying yours as they’ll only do it their way and most likely out of spite even if they think your way is a good one.

2/ Aries

Up next is Aries. As you may know, they don’t care about rules. If you suggest a plan to an Aries, there is a high chance that they’ll laugh in your face, even if they don’t have a plan themselves. One good thing about Aries is that they are predictable. You just know that they’ll contradict everything you say to the point that even if you agree with their plan, they’ll suddenly not want to do it that way.

3/ Taurus

Rebellion will show itself subtly with a Taurus. To test this out, just ask a Taurus to do something they are absolutely against. To put it lightly, it would be easier to move a mountain. When they do rebel they don’t even need to say their intentions out loud, why? Because they simply won’t budge if they don’t want to.

Astrology: The 5 most rebellious zodiac signs Farzad Mohsenvand

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4/ Cancer

Cancers are so different from one another that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Cancer. That being said, they do have one thing in common: the need to be comfortable doing things on their own terms. When they decide to rebel, you’ll find they’ll use a lot of flattery and excuses. At first, it may seem like they agree but in reality, they just buttered you up so you would stop talking.

5/ Libra

Libras know what they want and what pleases them. Therefore, they don’t need anyone’s approval to do their own thing. You might be thinking that they are similar to Taurus, but Libras aren’t stubborn, they just stay true to themselves, meaning if they don’t want to change their plans, they won’t.

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