Zodiac: The 4 most deceptive signs

Betrayal never comes from an enemy, and that’s what makes it the saddest feeling in the world. Look out for these zodiac signs and their betrayal habits.

Being betrayed is one of the most terrible and harmful experiences a person can have. It can cause emotional anguish, worry, sadness, a rise in risky behaviour, and even physical pain. Infidelity by a partner can even alter our brain chemistry. While the stars don't exactly tell us who would betray our trust, they do seem to forewarn us about some of the characteristics of people who may be fickle and untrustworthy. Here are four zodiac signs with the ability to betray people.


Aries, as a competitive and aggressive fire sign, acts on instinct. They are most likely to abandon a partnership in favour of a fling. Their companion must always be on their toes to keep them from looking elsewhere. Romance is a game in which you compete for other people's affection, similar to a reward. And, because of their fiery nature, they always follow their hearts rather than their heads.

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Out of all the zodiac signs, Gemini is the most prone to cheat. Since they are represented by the duality of the twins, they have at least two sides to their personalities. They must be aware of these two parts of their dispositions. In a relationship, they are impulsive and needy, and if you don't meet their demand for attention, they won't hesitate to find someone who will.


If Libra breaches your trust, it's because they're hoping for something from their relationship partner that they're not getting. They are also non-confrontational individuals who would instead do things in solitude than face someone about their feelings. They'll feel bad about betraying you, but they'll do everything they can to keep it hidden from you in order to keep the peace.

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Scorpio is one of the most loyal zodiac signs, yet if they betray you, they will most likely hide it. If you treat them with the same respect and tenderness that they treat you with, they will love you. They will not hesitate to seek vengeance if they realise that you are taking them for granted or are disloyal. Pluto, the planet of mystery and secrecy, rules Scorpio. As a result, Scorpios may be the most adept at covering up an affair.

Although, anyone can betray us. As such, astrology doesn't entirely guarantee your partner will cheat at some moment just because specific zodiac signs are infamous for betraying. Many other aspects go into whether or not someone will betray your trust.

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