Zodiac: Find out what hobby you should pick up according to your zodiac sign

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. As such, your next favourite hobby might be written in the stars.

Zodiac: Find out what hobby you should pick up according to your zodiac sign
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Zodiac: Find out what hobby you should pick up according to your zodiac sign

What are your hobbies? It is a simple yet challenging question that can make or break a conversation. No one likes to be around a dull body who doesn’t have anything more to their personality than just work. If you are looking to pick up a hobby, your zodiac sign might have the perfect answer for you.


Practical and hardworking, Capricorns actually need a hobby that’ll relax them and not make them think about work. As such, DIY crafts, yoga, meditation, exercising, gardening, reading, indoor sports are some things they should try.


Hobbies such as volunteering for a cause, a book club, learning a new language, playing tech-based games are perfect for an Aquarius. Since they are knowledgeable and deep thinkers, they need something that will stimulate their minds.


This water sign will be best suited for any activity related to water. Boating, surfing, and spending time at the seashore are a few options. Other than that, music, meditation, astrology and nature walks will right up their alley too.

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Anything adventurous, thrill-seeking that makes them break a sweat is perfect for Aries. Activities like Zumba, aerobics, trekking, motorbike riding are the hobbies that will make them feel alive.


Taurus are nature lovers and will love activities that allow them to be close to nature. Therefore, gardening, fishing, painting and other such hobbies that let them connect to outdoors are the ones for them.


Let the creative juices flow Gemini! Learn a new language, join a creative writing class anything involving communication and words should be your go-to idea or hobby because you’re going to excel at it.

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This zodiac sign loves to stay indoors and around family. Their best-suited hobbies would be the ones that give instant results like photography, cooking, redecorating your home and farming.


Leos love socialising. As such, any activity that is done in groups will be excellent for them. For instance, dancing, Zumba or learning an instrument, painting.


Virgos strive for perfectionism in everything that they do. They are more suitable for hobbies that stimulate all of their senses. Reading, writing, baking, and other agriculture-related hobbies are just a few of the things you can do.

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Libras are social butterflies. A variety of activities excite their attention that are done in a friendly and pleasant environment. Consider volunteering, socialising, or going on a trip.


Scorpios enjoy being in the company of others, but they also value their alone time. As a result, practising yoga, meditation, hiking, or taking long walks appears to be a good fit.


Sagittarius is on the lookout for pastimes that fit into their philosophy. Their hobbies include food sampling, going artistic events and museums, camping, writing/blogging, and learning a new language.

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