Your power color(s) based on your zodiac signs

Do you also necessarily feel attracted to a particular color? If so, it could be your Zodiac’s power color!

Throughout the world, some colors are associated with different rituals, customs, cultures, and religions. If color therapy has proven anything, it is that colors impact us and our lives. From being considered lucky to be the bearer of bad news, all these colors have different effects on everyone. Hence, it makes a strong argument for proving that every Zodiac sign has a color that makes them empowered the most.


Earthy colors like Gray and Brown help uplift them the most. Both colors depict a side of Capricorn that helps them become strong, determined, practical, and mature in their lives.


Blue brings the utmost powers to Aquarians. It represents their vastness and creates a smooth flow for conversations, ideas, and experimentation.


Born before spring, Pisceans feel the most empowered with the color light green. It adds to their empathetic, spiritual and creative nature.


Red is the power color for Aries, who are known for their passion and fiery personalities. They love adventure and, as such, red brings in a lot of intensity, danger, celebration, romance, and excitement in their lives.


Just like the lush pasture where the Bull resides, Green is the color that symbolizes power for Taurus’. Being an earth sign, it grounds them and helps them grow. It also brings in more tranquillity, relaxation, and dependability in their lives.

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The color of Sunshine – yellow, is the perfect color for upbeat Geminis. It adds to their intellect, curiosity, and creativity. Like the sun, yellow would brighten up a Gemini’s life and fill it with happiness and optimism.


Cancers are known for their purity and beauty, like diamonds. Hence, the colors white and silver connect with their intuition. They are as pure as them and provide them with clarity. It also helps them to increase their sensitivity, understanding and allow love to flow.


Associated with success, wealth, and royalty – Gold is the color for Leos. They would feel the most confident while wearing this color and it would empower their tender hearts. Additionally, they would feel more generous and positive.


Being an Earth sign, the power colors for Virgos are Brown and Green. Both of these colors are the foundation of the earth and have a very soothing effect on them. They bring stability, reliance, health, and wisdom to their lives.


Libras love to balance, so their power colors are two opposite colors that balance each other out – Pink and Blue. Both the shades blend in together beautifully to help Libras to open their hearts. The calming, loving, and feminine pink mixed with restorative, sincere and thoughtful blue adds to their charm.

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Black is the color for Scorpios, as it represents the depth that they have within themselves. Being the most secretive, assertive, ambitious, and brave of all the zodiac signs, they shine bright with a bit of black around them. It enhances their strength of letting go and changing.


Purple brings out the best in Sagittarius’. The color of awareness, luxury, mysticism, calm and abundance, brings out their friendlier and honest side. It encourages Sagittarius’ to be more positive and drives their luck.

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