Why He Still Hasn't Told You He Loves You According To His Star Sign

It’s been a year and you and your Romeo have the perfect relationship, well, almost. It looks like everything is all sunshine and daisies, but you still haven’t heard him say ‘I love you’ although you’ve been waiting and waiting for it. Why is he taking so long to say those three magical words? Modesty or extreme romanticism, your partner has their reasons and they are linked to their star sign. Find out why he still hasn’t said ‘I love you’ according to his star sign!

Those three magic words are enough to change any girl’s life when she’s in love. Quite often we’re waiting to hear him say it, even worse, sometimes, we sit and imagine the perfect scenario where he will declare his love for us and make our eyes sparkle and our hearts beat faster.

A romantic dinner when he’s holding our hands or in the morning when he’s covering us with kisses… And yet there’s still no sign of an ‘I love you’ in sight.

However, everything in the way he acts makes us think that he does think it, but he still refuses to say it! Is there a technical or an astrological explanation for it?

According to their star sign, it could be because your partner is more modest, more touchy, more chatty or more of an observer.

After watching our video, you should have a better idea of why they still haven’t said ‘I love you’! Don't always take it as a reflection of your relationship, sometimes the reasons could be very innocent.

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