This Is Your Must-Have Fashion Accessory Based On Your Star Sign

Do you know what fashion accessory you need to have in your wardrobe based on your sign? Find out right now!

1. Aries: For someone as cerebral as you, the ultimate accessory is a nice hat!

2. Taurus: Your closet contains very elegant pieces. To highlight your neckline, you absolutely need a long necklace.

3. Gemini: Hands are a part of your body that matches your sign. Gloves are your favorite accessory.

4. Cancer: Your sign is often associated with the chest. The accessory that you must have is a nice bra that will highlight it.

5. Leo: Shine like a thousand suns with a flashy jewel. A diamond ring, a gem necklace...

6. Virgo: A belt in neutral tones to highlight your shape.

7. Libra: A handbag. This is the star piece that will perfect your look.

8. Scorpio: A beautiful scarf that matches the color of your eyes.

9. Sagittarius: A Buddhist bracelet that you brought back from your last trip.

10. Capricorn: A cap. You like practical things. This trendy accessory protects you from both raindrops and sun rays.

11. Aquarius: You are the contrarian of the band. Go with an arm bracelet with an original pattern. You can switch it up based on how you feel.

12. Pisces: A silk tie or scarf with aquatic colors is what was missing in your closet.

Check out the video above for more fashion inspo based on your sign!

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