This is your most appealing sexual trait as per your zodiac

Taking a peek into your partner's sexual tendencies can help you better understand their likes and dislikes and how to stay in sync, regardless of which sign you choose.

Knowing the zodiac sign of your partner may not be the first thing you ask about before hopping into bed with them. However, it can be pretty important as sexual chemistry is a critical component of every relationship. And as it turns out, the stars may be onto something when it comes to your love interests. Depending on your partner's sign, there are certain sexual traits and strengths that they possess. These can help you make your relationship stronger.


The highlight of their bedroom is their endurance. Sex with them is like a classic old Hollywood movie – intimate, deep and sensual. This zodiac sign loves to develop a connection before they hop into bed with just anyone.


They enjoy experimenting and acting on their wild, free-spirited passions, but they can still be emotionally detached. Sex may be a bit of a mess, therefore the more unusual the better.


Pisces are very romantic and seductive. Sex with them is fascinating and erotic, almost dreamlike. They also long to merge both physical and spiritual connections in the bedroom.


Aries are passionate creatures. As such, their passion makes its way to the bedroom also. They like to take charge and are pretty dominant when it comes to lovemaking. This zodiac sign also loves to chase before they get what they want.


Taurus are patient and gentle, yet they are very stubborn and sensual. They are very determined and express sexuality through intense physical contact.

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Geminis get turned on by intellectual conversations and keep their sex light and fun. They seek thrill in the bedroom and love to get involved in new experiments. Foreplay and dirty talk is just a part of the package with them.


Cancers are the most passionate and submissive of all the signs. They are sensual and erotic, which means - lovemaking is often intense and dreamy.


Leos have glowing charisma and an incredible presence that lights up the entire room. For them, sex is an epic performance where they want to give nothing but the best. They are one of the zodiac signs that can fulfil all your sexual fantasies.


Virgos might be the perfectionist of the zodiac signs, but in bed, they like to let loose and be comfortable. They are classic old-fashioned lovers who would do anything to satisfy their partners.

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Libras are blessed with the art of seduction as they are lovers of the zodiac signs. They love balancing things out, so good sex combined with feeling happy and fulfilled is the ultimate goal for them.


They are the predators of the zodiac signs. They are either all in or nothing. Which brings out the best in them when it comes to sex. They like to be raw, passionate, intense and mysterious all at once.


They are the most adventurous of the lot and as such have that attitude in the bedroom as well. Sagittarians not only love to seek thrill and spontaneity but they also thrive on adventurous sex fantasies.

Astrology: Your perfect sex partners based on your zodiac sign Astrology: Your perfect sex partners based on your zodiac sign