This Is Your Ideal Man - According To Your Star Sign

We all dream of finding perfection in our life, especially in our love life. Based on your star sign, here is the perfect man for you.


Masculine. He has charisma, he is courageous, determined and sporty. Your ideal man is the alpha male.


Hedonist. You need someone who has the same practical sense as you and the same sensuality.


Impulsive. You need a young man who is young at heart, lively, funny and, why not, a bit of a rebel! A real touch of freshness in your life.


Creative. To be happy, you need sweetness and romance. Your ideal man has an almost feminine sensitivity. He will know how to take care of you.


Ambitious. You are charmed by a man who wants more and won't be stopped by anything or anyone.


Passionate. He analyzes a lot and acts instinctively. You dream of spending time criticizing together.


Hero. A man who fights for his convictions - you find that very sexy. Of course, he will still have to make concessions in love!


Sensual. Just like you, he must be magnetic, attractive, a bad boy. Your relationship will surely be very hot.


Optimistic. Always down to go on trips, adventures. All in good humour.


Mysterious. You are seduced by the discretion and maturity that makes a man endearing.


Atypical. You are fascinated by the imagination and the ideas that he may have, even if he does not put them into practice.


Intuitive. A true dreamer who is thoughtful and empathetic.

Check out the video above for more on how to find the perfect man for you!

How to seduce a man according to his star sign How to seduce a man according to his star sign