This Is Your Ideal Hairstyle According To Your Star Sign

Do you want to change your hairstyle, but you don't know which one to choose? What if you chose the perfect hairstyle according to your astrological sign? Discover yours right here...

1. Aries:

A style with plenty of volume. Go for short and curly for maximum volume.

2. Taurus:

A natural cut. Switch it up with red hair - a mid-length cut with slight curls for a refined and natural look all at once.

3. Gemini:

A youthful cut. Get some sunny locks or a peachy colour.

4. Cancer:

A soft cut. Avoid styles that age you - go more for a romantic braid that shows your face.

5. Leo

A sophisticated cut. Wild and chic with a beautiful length. Auburn is a colour that suits you very well.

6. Virgo:

A classic cut. Smooth and supple hair that falls on your shoulders - very elegant and spread out everywhere.

7. Libra

A mini-cut. Just to refresh your old haircut - simply pass the tips of the hair under the scissors. Femininity guaranteed.

8. Scorpio:

A rebellious cut. Give in to all your desires: red hair, bleach blonde... as long as there's change it's good!

9. Sagittarius:

A timeless cut. Out of the question to run to the hairdresser every month. Just make a small, gradient style - simple and practical.

10. Capricorn:

A pixie cut. A bold but neat style that challenges the status quo!

11. Aquarius:

An original cut. Like an asymmetrical bob or something equally daring!

12. Pisces:

A wet-look style. Let your creativity run wild with a controlled wet look as a little nod to your water sign.

Check out the video above for more hairstyle inspiration according to your star sign!

This Is Your Ideal Man - According To Your Star Sign This Is Your Ideal Man - According To Your Star Sign