This Is What You're Like As A Student, According To Your Star Sign

Are you a lazy, nerdy or dreamy student? Or maybe even organised? According to your astrological sign, you can find out...

Aries: A quick student. You have lots of ideas, but you don't always pursue them - it's a shame!

Taurus: An organised student. You need time to get used to things, but your thoughts are deep!

Gemini: A talkative student. You are curious, but you often stay away from the spotlight. Your way with words impresses others.

Cancer: An imaginative student. You have an emotional intelligence that gives you great intuition, but you only study what interests you.

Leo: An ambitious student. With your razor-sharp mind, everything can be accomplished!

Virgo: A brainy student. Your analytical mind allows you to solve concrete problems based on details.

Libra: A lazy student. You're not really good at studying. You show diplomacy and charm to get away with it. But beware of procrastination!

Scorpio: An insightful student. You have a critical mind and make fine analyses. Watch out for your lack of organisation.

Sagittarius: A concise student. You get straight to the point and distinguish the essential information. You know how to comply, an asset for your success!

Capricorn: A scientific student. You need things to be solid. A little more effort for oral communication!

Aquarius: A selective student. Your intellect and curiosity about everything means you know how to devote yourself to your passions. Beware of letting small failures bog you down.

Pisces: An intuitive student. You don't have a logical mind, but you take a broad look at many areas.

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This Is What You Were Like at School According to Your Star Sign! This Is What You Were Like at School According to Your Star Sign!