This Is What Will Make You Quit Your Job - According To Your Star Sign

Monday mornings become a nightmare: you don't want to go to work and you're thinking about resigning? Whether that's because of a bad atmosphere, a lack of recognition, or too much pressure around you, here are the reasons for your resignation - according to your astrological sign.

Aries: You're bored! If you're having trouble moving forward, don't hesitate to slam the door!

Taurus: Your boss has upset you! You care about your routine, but you're very sensitive... When you hear a word you don't like, you say ciao!

Gemini: You have nothing new to learn! It's not a problem for you to resign to discover other things.

Cancer: You've been hurt! If your self-esteem has taken a hit, you empty your desk!

Leo: A lack of responsibility! Ambitious, you need to feel valued. You don't agree to being led by an inexperienced boss!

Virgo: Health reasons! You're not the type to resign - except in the case of health concerns...

Libra: A bad deal! Harmony is essential for you; if a bad atmosphere prevails, you change jobs!

Scorpio: A bad relationship with hierarchies! A rebel, you can't stand authority and make a scene when you resign.

Sagittarius: A lack of recognition! You're not being recognised for your contributions? You'll look for it somewhere else!

Capricorn: Sloppy work! You prefer the job to be well done rather than done quickly, but you won't resign without a plan B.

Aquarius: An organisation that's too rigid! If your need for independence takes over, you'll create your own opportunity!

Pisces: Too much pressure! The environment is very important to you; if you don't feel good, you'll leave the ship!

Check out the video above for more on how your star sign will affect your career trajectory!

According to your star sign this is your dream job According to your star sign this is your dream job