This Is What Makes You Laugh Most, According To Your Star Sign

This Is What Makes You Laugh Most, According To Your Star Sign

There’s nothing like laughing every day! If we've had a bad day, we start smiling again straight away. But all the same, we don’t all enjoy the same things ... So, do you know what makes you laugh every day, according to your star sign? Find the answer in the video!

Do your jokes fail to make people laugh? No wonder! For example, Cancers are the best at self-deprecation, but this isn’t the case for Virgo! These will enjoy the misfortune of others a bit too much... Basically, as you can understand, we can laugh at everything but not with everyone! We all know a joker in our group, and they never fail to amuse us!

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But for others, it's definitely the opposite. Ah, so you don’t understand the hype around some comedians – for you, there’s nothing funny about their jokes! Admittedly, each to their own when it comes to humour. Some people don’t have any filter: long live dark humour! Others will laugh at fail compilation videos. Find people who have the same sense of humour as you -  it’s guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

So which type of comedy makes you laugh the most, according to your star sign? Do you love dark humour, or is it just your specific laugh that makes everyone around you burst out laughing?

All the details are in the video above!

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