This Is What Kind Of Friend You Are According To Your Star Sign

Are you a helpful or affectionate friend, or the life of the party? Your astro sign influences your love life and professional life, but also your friendships! Here's what the stars have to say to you:

Aries:operational. You are super dynamic, when you want to see someone, it's right now, not later! You are always up for a night out.

Taurus:devoted. We can always count on you because you surround yourself only with people who are dear to you!

Gemini:solar. A friend who motivates you through their humor and their ease with others.

Cancer:affectionate. You are gentle and a solid shoulder to lean on.

Leo:generous. You always care about others and are looking for sincerity.

Virgo:frank. You are loyal to your friends, but not everyone is like you, so you are afraid of losing your friends.

Libra:attentive. You are warm, sociable and always up for a trip with friends! The perfect friend!

Scorpio:sincere. You know who your true friends are, and prefer authenticity rather than quantity.

Sagittarius:joker. You do not confide a lot, but boy, are you funny! No wonder your social life is fulfilling.

Capricorn:elusive. You do not say much about yourself, but you are the first to check up on your friends.

Aquarius:popular. You adapt easily so you have many friends, but need to listen more!

Pisces:loyal. You get along well with everyone but you are also easily influenced and often disappointed.

Which Friends character are you according to your star sign? Which Friends character are you according to your star sign?