This Is The Type Of Woman You Are According To Your Star Sign

This Is The Type Of Woman You Are According To Your Star Sign

Sociable, intrepid, intellectual, funny, bossy…Every woman has her own specific personality. Like mother like daughter? If so, do the stars have a more important role in the female personality? What type of woman are you? Discover your personality according to your star sign in the video above!

Punctuality, family, justice… Some women fight for causes that are close to their hearts.

Libras, who are passionate about animal welfare, like having a certain harmony in their lives and love being surrounded by others. The Scorpio woman is particularly determined and tenacious. Whether you are already committed or you like crossing the world to discover new horizons, your personality is very much influenced by your star sign.

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For a woman, the moon sign is sometimes as important as the sun sign (the star sign), which can explain why a woman might not recognise herself in her sign’s description. And yet from your good qualities to what annoys you to what you love - your Zodiac sign can accurately determine your temperament. Aries women are women of action who want to feel alive at every moment, whereas Virgos are a lot more reserved and like keeping control over their lives.

Without waiting any longer, find out the type of woman you are according to your star sign by watching the video above!

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