This Is The Spring Nail Colour You Should Go For - According To Your Star Sign

With nail varnish, there is an infinite colour palette! From classic colours like red to more original colours like mauve, you can’t say there aren’t enough colours out there. And with spring coming, the choice is now crucial if you want to be trendy. So, what colour should you go for this spring? Check out the video above to find out!

Nail varnish is an effective fashion beauty accessory. You can play around with colours to enhance your style and some people even play around with patterns! As with clothes, this product is good for reflecting your personality. Hence why it’s so important not to make mistakes with your choice. To choose the ideal springtime nail varnish, you will have to know more about your personality! And what’s better than your star sign for this? There’s really no point advising quite a reserved person to wear such loud colours no is there?

Can you imagine an Aries with pastel pink nail varnish? Oh, the horror! It definitely wouldn’t go with their energetic character. It could be said that they don’t have enough taste for it! You shouldn’t start spring on a bad note and a shade like this is better for the calmer signs. So for your springtime style, would it be better to stick to the classic colours or go a bit crazy and let your colours fly?

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Check out the video above to see which colour is best for your sign!

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