This Is The Secret To Getting Along With Your Boss According To Their Star Sign

This Is The Secret To Getting Along With Your Boss According To Their Star Sign

When you arrive at your workplace on Monday morning, do you want to have a coffee with your boss or do you want to murder them? Here's how you can make sure you maintain a good relationship with your boss, according to their star sign...

Here are some tips for maintaining your relationship with your boss, according to their astrological sign:

Aries: An energetic leader. Your boss is not sensitive to flattery. Show sincerity and be ready to work extra hours!

Taurus: An organized leader. Avoid improvisation: they expect precise work and professional discretion from you.

Gemini: The king of communication. Unlike Taurus, your boss is impressed by freshness and the ability to improvise.

Cancer: A sensitive leader. Know how to listen to your boss' moods. Depending on the day, stay close; or, on the contrary, keep your distance.

Leo: A powerful leader. You can't go wrong by flattering their ego - it works every time!

Virgo: A perfectionist leader. Don't be late when arriving in the morning or during your planning! A little extra: always have a tidy office!

Libra: An accessible leader. Always be diplomatic and maintain harmony with your colleagues.

Scorpio: An authoritarian leader. To get along with your boss, never try to show too much dominance and show tolerance towards their faults.

Sagittarius: A happy leader. Trust your colleagues, but also express your own ideas.

Capricorn: An inexhaustible leader. Follow their fast pace and avoid long breaks!

Aquarius: A visionary leader. Do you never run out of ideas? Perfect - your boss will only be impressed!

Pisces: An unstable leader. Trust their multiple intuitions - or at least accept them! They will also appreciate your listening skills.

Check out the video above for more tips... 

• Sophie West
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