This Is The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Star Sign

What dress will you wear for THE day, the most beautiful day of your life? The strapless dress? The lace one? Or the one with the collar? Here's the ideal wedding dress according to your astrological sign.

Aries: Sensational or nothing. You have to be the queen - why not a backless dress?

Taurus: Something vintage and romantic. With some well-made lace, it will be perfect!

Gemini: An original bride. Far from the traditional dress, you opt for colour and fresh style!

Cancer: Romantic charm. Go for elegance and softness with a pastel-coloured dress.

Leo: A dress worthy of a queen. You have always dreamed of a red wedding dress! We won't let you miss out!

Virgo: Discretion and elegance. A classic white dress with a pretty veil. It's all in the finesse.

Libra: THE princess dress. Sweet and romantic, you will look sublime in a corseted dress with a diadem in your hair.

Scorpio: A sexy bride. Looking to stand out, you should check out a beautiful neckline and a pretty short dress!

Sagittarius: Chic and surprising. And if you choose a superb jumpsuit, you'll get an elegant and modern look!

Capricorn: Classic and refined. No headaches, neutral tones, a simple but effective cut!

Aquarius: The most original of the brides. A mix of materials and colours... You dare to do anything, and you're always right.

Pisces: Honouring the traditions. This is the opportunity to look like a Disney princess with a long white dress and diamonds in your hair. Magical!

Check out the video above for more wedding dress inspo!

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