This Is The Perfect Nail Art For You - According To Your Star Sign

This Is The Perfect Nail Art For You - According To Your Star Sign

Find out what nail art is perfect for you according to your astrological sign!

1. Aries:

You like attention. Long nails will make your nail art even more visible.

2. Taurus:

Glitter and more glitter. You like nail polish that catches the light, so don't hesitate!

3. Gemini:

Blingbling alert! Jewels, rhinestones, sparkles... You're dazzling with your pimped up nails.

4. Cancer:

A solid colour. You're not interested in ombrés or having several colours on your hands... You apply a single colour of nail polish and you're good to go. Why complicate things?

5. Leo:

Pointy nails. You want them to match with your feline personality, rawr.

6. Virgo:

Coloured French manicure. You like efficiency, so opt for quickly coloured and easy to remove nail tips.

7. Libra:

Classic French manicure. Elegant and timeless, the French manicure is for you.

8. Scorpio:

Stripes. You like challenges and play with colours to let your creativity flow.

9. Sagittarius:

Patterns. Your artistic side is reflected on your nails through small drawings.

10. Capricorn:

Caviar nails. You want fantasy and cheerfulness, and it shows on the tips of your fingers.

11. Aquarius:

Multicoloured. In a flash, your nails look like a rainbow, you had to!

12. Pisces:

4 seasons mode. You adapt your manicure to the time of the year. In short, you are always trendy.

Check out the video above for more nail art inspo! 

Ruby Smith
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