This Is The Perfect Coffee For You - According to Your Star Sign

Never sure what to pick at Starbucks? Hesitate no longer - we know which coffee is the perfect one for you, according to your star sign...

Aries: black coffee.

Direct, powerful and effective. A black coffee at breakfast to wake you up well and at the end of a meal to digest well. This is the ideal drink for this sign.

Taurus: a large coffee.

Take the time to settle down with a Lungo coffee and enjoy it to the last drop. Typical of Taurus!

Gemini: iced coffee

Audacious, a big child and curious... They're quite picky, but this sign isn't cold and likes their iced coffee!

Cancer: sweet and decaffeinated.

This native is sensitive and immature. They're not very into coffee, but when they do drink it, they take it decaffeinated; otherwise, they becomes nervous.

Leo: latte.

They are obsessed by being admired, so with a milk-foam design in their coffee, they're satisfied!

Virgo: double decaf.

Punctual and perfectionist, they like very creamy coffee.

Libra: balanced.

Short or long, as long as the aromas are balanced!

Scorpion: macchiato.

A big coffee to give them a boost, and a milk froth on top for their sensitive side.

Sagittarius: espresso.

Not very patient and fond of travelling, they will take a short, short coffee break!

Capricorn: cappuccino.

They take the time to enjoy their coffee.

Aquarius: instant coffee.

This avant-garde adventurer could have even invented it!

Pisces: mocha.

They are fans of the chocolatey and milky taste of this coffee.

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