This Is The Perfect Activity To Do With Your Children - According To Their Star Signs

Not sure how to keep your child busy this weekend? Depending on their astrological sign, we can offer a wide range of activities to occupy all your afternoons!

Aries: Outdoor games. Your child needs to run around; what could be better than a game of hide and seek or a little rollerblading trip?

Taurus: Monopoly. With a calm and thoughtful temperament, a family board game will suit them perfectly!

Gemini: Make a costume together. These children are really curious and very talkative; they will love to tell you jokes while tinkering with crafts.

Cancer: Play with the dog. Your child is sensitive and loves animals. Your pet will be pleased too!

Leo: A game of logic or construction. They will be super proud to show you their masterpiece when it's completed!

Virgin: Gardening activity. Your child is very methodical and likes peace; they will feel good in your garden!

Libra: A trip to the circus. They don't like to play alone - they need companionship and the atmosphere of the circus would certainly offer that!

Scorpio: An activity with dolls or toy animals. A bad loser, sometimes undisciplined, a quiet and creative activity will do them good!

Sagittarius: A bicycle race. Your child loves to excel and compete. Invite all their friends!

Capricorn: Activity building games. They try to understand the meaning of things and play in silence.

Aquarius: A model activity. Very inventive, ideas don't escape your child!

Pisces: A good cartoon. Sensitive and emotional, they love to tell stories and develop their imagination!

Check out the video above for more inspiration!

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