This is the genre you should read based on your zodiac sign

Your zodiac sign does more than just talk about your personality and love life. Pick a book to read next time based on your zodiac sign.

Astrology is a science that predicts our moods, psychological traits, romantic relationships, and which character we most resemble. You may find the Zodiac signs fascinating or dismissive, but while you are here, you might as well find out which genre to read based on your Zodiac sign. There is a book genre out there for everyone that fits their personality and may thus be linked to their zodiac sign.

Capricorn: Non - Fiction

Capricorns can love fiction just as much as anyone else, but they are a more profound and focused zodiac sign. As such, they need something more substantial every now and then. You enjoy reading about your favourite authors and learning more about them.

Aquarius: Meta-Fiction

Aquarians are free-thinking progressive people who enjoy novels that others would dismiss as strange. You understand experimental writing and meta-fiction. For you, a good book introduces you to whole new concepts and blurs the line between fact and fantasy.

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Pisces: Fantasy

Pisces want to escape reality. They do not spend much time being grounded and prefer to shroud themselves in a figment of their imagination. Fantasy is an excellent genre for them - full of fantastical worlds and limitless possibilities.

Aries: Drama

Aries is always looking for ways to spice up their life. Their confident demeanour fills the atmosphere with light. They are the first to say yes to any opportunity, and they thrive in situations where there is drama. A good drama plot would undoubtedly entice Aries.

Taurus: Mystery

Taurus requires security and stability, whereas mystery might include a broad spectrum of mayhem and murders. A Taurus will be eager to wrap up the story and tie up all the loose ends.

Gemini: Short Stories

The most extroverted zodiac sign, they do not spend much time reading due to their short attention span. However, they would like short stories since they are diverse, quick, and entertaining.

Cancer: Historical

Cancers have a reputation for being sensitive and sympathetic. Connecting with historical personalities on an emotional level will give cancer an emotional rush, while their curiosity will make them desire to learn more.

Leo: Romance

A hopeless romantic lurks beneath Leo's fiery exterior. They have a hard time revealing and expressing their true sentiments, which is why the raw passion of a romance story can be so soothing to them.

Virgo: Self-Help Books

Virgos are self-assured, practical, and ambitious. Self-help books teach people how to set goals and develop themselves, making them an ideal genre for this disciplined Zodiac sign.

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Libra: Poetry

Libra has a strong affinity for the arts. They are idealistic and appreciate the finer things in life. Poetry necessitates a creative flair, which Libra possesses in plenty.

Scorpio: Horror

Scorpios appreciate being afraid because it gives them a pleasant feeling. Horror's powerful emotions and tension will compel this zodiac sign to keep reading.

Sagittarius: Action and Adventure

Sagittarius are naturally curious explorers who are always eager to see what life has to offer. The action and adventure genres are known for their fast-paced plot lines, which are ideal for them.

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