This Is The Best Way To Get Over A Break-Up - According To Your Star Sign

Watching romcoms with ice cream and plenty of chocolate is often the go-to remedy after a split. But according to your star sign, we've got some better advice that will get you back on your feet!

Aries: Quick, on to the next one! The best way for you to recover from a breakup is to start a new relationship.

Taurus: You need time... You need a change of scenery and to discover new places!

Gemini: You intellectualise the situation, distance yourself and change your perspective. It's admirable!

Cancer: Breakup = Checkup. Yes, it is painful, but you try to put aside your emotions and take stock of this relationship. By being well surrounded by your family, you will overcome this ordeal.

Leo: Your pride takes a hit, but there's no way you'll show it. You keep your head up and get back to work so you don't have to think.

Virgo: Let time do its work and stop feeling guilty... It's time to enjoy and take care of yourself!

Libra: Grab your friends and party, no time to feel sorry!

Scorpio: Be brave, free yourself and say what you have to say.

Sagittarius: Unwind! Use cardio to clear your head. It will do you the greatest good!

Capricorn: Isolate yourself for a bit to digest the breakup, you are already thinking about revenge...

Aquarius: Friends first! With you, he/she will be quickly forgotten!

Pisces: You need your loved ones to support you in this difficult time, you need to evacuate this stress.

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