This is the best essential oil for you according to your star sign

Each sign has its own essential oil that helps boost your well-being. Find out which one is for you.

This Is the Best Essential Oil for You According to Your Astrological Sign
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1. Aries: Lavender.

The soothing virtues and the light scent of this purple flower channel your impulsiveness.

2. Taurus: Cedar.

These woody notes awaken your senses and keep your feet on the ground.

3. Gemini: Basil.

You tend to disperse, this aromatic plant helps you refocus.

4. Cancer: Peppermint.

There is nothing better to help you regain your balance and calm your anxiety. It is also very refreshing!

5. Leo: Ginger.

If you're feeling down, you can consume it for immediate effect or diffuse it for a more subtle effect. Get some here.

Check out the video above for more on how essential oils can benefit your health and mind.