This Is How You Would React During A Zombie Attack According To Your Astrological Sign

Unfortunately, the time that everyone feared has arrived... The apocalypse is here! The Earth has been invaded by zombies and there is chaos everywhere you go... Do you know how you would react in such a situation? Courageous or cowardly, watch the video to discover what your attitude would be!

A zombie attack would cause a real panic, so beware of the reactions of each sign during this event! To save your life, don't rely on Pisces, they are easily traumatised. It is difficult to survive with such an attitude... On the other hand, fire signs will be full of bravery.

The solution lies in their ideas! Depending on your sign, you will be a hero or you will simply be forgotten following this tragedy...

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Many science fiction fans fantasise about such a scenario. They imagine a biological attack that would change the course of history. But this remains very unlikely. In any case, the reality would be a lot less fun.

If you want to survive, there are two schools of thought. You can stay hidden and hope things calm down eventually... But you will have to leave your comfort zone at some point! Or you can immediately switch to warrior mode. The zombies will just have to cooperate! For you, it will have to be survival of the fittest.

So, would an apocalypse reveal your hidden courage? Or on the contrary, would it turn you into a hermit? All the details are in the video!

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