This Is How You Should Dress This Year According To Your Star Sign

This Is How You Should Dress This Year According To Your Star Sign

Do you want to have all eyes on you and still be comfortable in your clothes for New Year’s 2018? Depending on your star sign, here are a few fashion ideas to help you out...

Aries: A dynamic look! Impulsive, passionate… a sporty style and/or in red to add a bit more sparkle to your outfit!

Taurus: An elegant look! Maybe wear a low neckline to make it still feel like summer.

Gemini: A multifunctional look! In a weird and curious way, your day is full of lots of different activities so jeans and a nice t-shirt will do no matter where you are!

Cancer: A cosy look! Let your natural sweetness out with a powder pink crop top and an artsy skirt!

Leo: An imposing look! Perfect in leather or an impeccable blazer, your choice!

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Virgo: A low-key yet stylish look! Straight cuts for the classy side or even something that shows off your curves to make people notice… your choice!

Libra: A trendy look! Wear what’s essential to step into the new year: a pantsuit combo or a mix of prints and you’ll look great!

Scorpio: A sexy look! Without being too over-the-top, highlight your legendary sensuality, a tube top, short skirt and you’ll see!

Sagittarius: A more natural and earthy look! Show off your adventurous personality with a pair of khaki trousers and a flowery top.

Capricorn: A simple look! In navy blue, black, beige, every neutral colour looks good on you!

Aquarius: A unique look! You create fashion so you have to be the daring one.

Pisces: A comfortable look! Put more emphasis on your shoes, your feet are important for you!

Check out the video above for more on the perfect way to dress for your star sign! 

Anna Wilkins
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