These Three Star Signs Don't Know How To Stop Spending

These Three Star Signs Don't Know How To Stop Spending

Money flies from the fingers of these 3 Zodiac signs. It enters their accounts, but is spent immediately! Shopping, the latest fashionable gadget, shoes, etc. All these reasons make these individuals feel good... After all, they're made for that, right? Be careful, as your bank account and your banker may not appreciate your "Carpe Diem" philosophy so much... So, who are the biggest spenders of the Zodiac? Are you part of the spend-happy gang or will you recognise your loved ones?

Here is our ranking of the most high maintenance Zodiac signs - will you be part of it? 

1. Aries: this gambler likes to have fun and enjoy life. According to them, money is made to circulate freely and to work within the economy. Impulsive, they are the kings and queens of shopping adventures! During sales, avoid temptations that you can't resist!

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2. Cancer: this capricious, childish Cancer is able to sulk through the financial pain, or simply act on a whim to be able to afford the expensive dress or garment they spotted the day before in the window. When their piggy bank isn't full, they complain and they stomp their foot as if it were nothing... What a child!

3. Leo: this bling-bling king, Leo, has too much of a desire to shine in society. Luxury, fashion and shopping...  In their eyes, nothing is too much in order to be noticed. With them, the money circulates freely, and they adore everything that shines. Never refusing anything, the important thing is to be noticed.

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• Sophie West
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