These Are Your Most Sensitive Erogenous Zones - According To Your Star Sign

As each astrological sign governs a part of the body, discover which areas of your body are sensitive to your man's touch.

Aries: The head.

A scalp massage or passing their hand through your hair will have you perfectly relaxed!

Taurus: The neck.

Kisses, neck and shoulder strokes, chills guaranteed!

Gemini: The torso.

You like to be grazed and touched on this very sensitive area, including your breasts and nipples.

Cancer: The mouth.

You get aroused when someone nibbles on your lip and kisses you passionately!

Leo: The belly.

Whether Mister/Missus blows lightly on it or plays around the navel, you love it!

Virgo: The lower abdomen.

Shyness is not incompatible with sensuality. You like your better half to focus on this area, but you have to give them the green light to explore further.

Libra: The skin.

You need love and physical contact. Long caresses and kisses on your body make you vibrate.

Scorpion: The buttocks.

You like things to be straight to the point. You like giving as well as receiving kisses and being grabbed by the buttocks!

Sagittarius: The legs and feet.

Endless caresses, exhilarated glances - yes, please!

Capricorn: The back.

A sensual massage from neck to lower back will have you on cloud nine.

Aquarius: The ears.

Naughty little words slipped into the hollow of the ear will have you melting!

Pisces: The hips.

When they put their hands on your hips, you let go... finally!

Check out the video above for more on how to turn your partner on - according to their star sign!

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