These are the 5 most spiteful zodiac signs

Oops, I did it again! It’s not easy to agree with people when your ego takes a shot. Here are the most spiteful star signs in the zodiac, are you one of them?

Some people in life tend to be spiteful. They’ll do things just because you told them they wouldn’t be able to and such. These malicious qualities may be in the stars. That’s right, your zodiac sign can be the reason why you’re spiteful. Maybe you believe in astrology, maybe you don’t either way it’s always fun to see if you’re on the list.


Cancers often hide behind their tough persona. Tara Bennet, an astrologer, clairvoyant and spiritual coach, explains that if a Cancer ‘lets you into their heart’ you should tread lightly and make sure you don’t hurt them or ‘give them a reason to take offence’.

This is because this sign can hold a grudge and will lash out passive-aggressively. They also aren't afraid to manipulate their loved ones to seek their revenge quietly.


Virgos can also be the spiteful kind. Alice Alta, a resident astrologer for the Futurio app, explains that Virgos often use their ‘hypercriticism and nitpicking’ to show their spiteful side. This side of them will usually show when they feel they have lost control of a situation.


Leos are famous for being immature and self-centred. Their egos, despite their size, are fragile, especially when they feel like they’re being attacked. Astrologer, Linda Berry says:

Known to be immature and throw temper tantrums, they'll use whatever means available to not go down without a fight, which includes resorting to spiteful actions of any kind
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Libras spend their life looking for balance and they’ll do anything they can to achieve that balance. Including showing ‘their aggression on a very subtle level’ according to Alice Alta. If Libras feel like they have been wronged, instead of blatantly showing their displeasure or anger, they’ll make small passing comments and actions.


Despite their reputation, Scorpios are also very sensitive but can also lash out if they need to. Linda Berry explains that Scorpios won’t hesitate to ‘stab someone in the back’ if they feel they have been wronged. Scorpios are also known to be liars.

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