These Are The Stingiest Star Signs Out There
These Are The Stingiest Star Signs Out There
These Are The Stingiest Star Signs Out There
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These Are The Stingiest Star Signs Out There

Some star signs are particularly generous whilst others are clearly stingier and greedy. Find out below if you’re a cheap person according to your star sign.

1. Taurus:

Materialistic, safety and security come above everything else. Obviously, you have a lot of pride and make sure you’re financially stable. You make the most of life’s pleasures without spending lots of money because let’s face it, your money is better in your pocket than in that of your neighbour.

You are one of the stingiest star signs that has ever been.

2. Capricorn:

You’re a very ambitious star sign that doesn’t hold back when it comes to getting what you want. You value your reward and it’s completely normal to you. You’re a patient person, so you do all the math first before investing to make sure you get the most out of it.

But remember, money is also made to be spent, so try to have fun with it from time to time.

3. Virgo:

We can’t say that you’re an extremely greedy person, but rather that you’re more efficient. You have the patience necessary to boost your savings, slowly of course, but surely.

You also wear your heart on your sleeve and don’t stop yourself from being generous with people close to you, even strangers sometimes.

4. Gemini:

Although you have money to spend, you prefer to leave your bank card where it is. You’re a relaxed person when it comes to your finances, but that doesn’t stop you from negotiating the prices for everything that you plan to buy.

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By Anna Wilkins

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